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KALISE® professional wear

KALISE® is a safety work wear brand by Inversys Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

In order to provide the best solution to client requirements and need on making their own identity of protective work wear, we adopted and offers BESPOKE service, from material selection, designed for safety, functionality, comfort and style without neglecting the safety requirements. We only produce and supply the highest-quality products and services and stock items from some of the biggest names in the industrial clothing and protective fabric worlds.

KALISE® COVERALL is made of comfortable and durable Inherently flame-resistant fabrics under licensed by TENCATE®, TenCate Tecasafe Plus provides superior arc flash and flash fire protection. But it's best feature just might be the comfort that Tencasefe Plus provides. Featuring the enhanced comfort of Coolderm Technology, Tencasafe Plus offers a proprietary fiber blend to keep you cooler when it's hot and drier when it's cool.

With the best inherently fire resistant materials by TenCate, KALISE FIRE COVERALL are designed to protect workers or employees in most fire hazardous industries. KALISE FIRE COVERALL are designed to ensure full protection to wearer body and that there are no gaps for sparks and molten splash to get through.



KALISE® WATERPROOF is designed to meet all the specific needs of a waterproof suit. This suit is highly recommended for its material, design and function properties.

This suit is made of highly durable oxford polyester with 100% PU coated for its waterproofness.

Besides that KALISE® WATERPROOF is fully seam sealed on every part of the suit seam to prevent water penetration through the stitched thread.

Therefore you can be assured that KALISE® WATERPROOF will keep the wearer dry without hesitation and restriction of movement under any rain condition.

  • 3 piece segments designed rolled hood into the collar when deploy is fastened with heavY duty zipper.

  • The front closure is by using open end heavy duty zipper, hook and loop fastener and enclosed with a double storm flap.

  • The trousers bottom leg shall have nylon zippers for loosening/tightening.

  • The trousers pocket shall have nylon zippers for prevention of water penetration into the pockets.

  • Elasticated waist with adjustable cord string.

  • Custom printed pattern depends on requirement (Digital or conventional camouflage).

 Standard Feature 

BOMBA waterproof suit


420D oxford polyester with 100% waterproof PU coated.

Lining : 70D Nylon Tafetta


Fully seam sealed with PU seam seal tape


Hydrostatic head test greater than 1500mm H2O


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