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 Standard Feature 

  • Waterproof and high abrasion resistance Body Vest Carrier made of Nylon Cordura

  • 360° PALS (MOLLE) attachment system webbing with Velcro loops

  • Quick-release capability with security strap quick release system

  • Increased coverage, including lower back, kidney area and side torso

  • Integrated side armor plate pockets

  • Improved closure strap system

  • Multi-point adjustability  

  • Reinforced drag handle

  • Internal compartment for KALISE Body Armor inserts (HAP & SAP)

  • Custom colours

  • Standard size Vest Carrier according to Dimension Measurement requirement.

  • Body Armor carrying Bag made of Nylon Cordura included

  • NIJ 0101.04 (Ballistic Resistance of Personal Body Armor)

  • NIJ 0101.06 (Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor)

  • NIJ 0115.00 (Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor)

  • MIL-STD-662F (Fragment Protection)

  • HOSDB (Body Armour Standards for UK)

  • GOST50744-95 (Body Armour Standards for Russia)

  • STANAG2920 (NATO standards Body Armour) 

 ballistic protection

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